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You are no longer strangers, you are members of God’s family. Ephesians 2:19

Jesus did not want us to be alone, He wants us to be unified and grow spiritually together. Our Life Groups are a great way to become a part of our community. When you join, you will become part of a loving and caring group of people, serving together, and supporting each other. Connect with our community and join one of our Life Groups!


Sing praises to the Lord with the Choir Life Group! Choir performs every Sunday at 9 AM, and meet on a weekly basis to practice for Sundays and to get ready for musical specials. If you are interested in joining, just let us know by contacting us at careministries@antelopechristian.org! You will be introduced to the Choir Director and become part of the Choir!

Worship Team

The Worship Team is a diverse group of people who perform every Sunday at our 11 AM service for the Lord. The Worship Team meets weekly and play multiple instruments, including drums, guitar, base, keyboard, piano and singers. If you have a love for worship music, the Worship Team is the Life Group for you. Just contact us at careministries@antelopechristian.org.


Paul the Apostle wrote: “Receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God” – Romans 15:7. Greeters receive and welcome those who come to church. If you like to welcome others to church, join the Greeters Life Group at 9 AM or 11 AM! Just contact us at careministries@antelopechristian.org for more information.


Ushering is more than helping others to their seats for Sunday Service. Ushers have a very important role when it comes to Communion as well. If you want more information about how to become an Usher for our 9 AM or 11 AM services, just contact us at careministries@antelopechristian.org.


Praying as a group can be powerful. Sometimes, others have prayer requests they would like others to pray for on their behalf. There are three prayer groups you can join: Strategic Prayer Team who meet twice a week, Altar Prayer Team that meet twice a week and pray for others during altar prayer on Sundays, and the Prayer Text Team that pray for others privately. Contact us and let us know which group you would like to join, and you will get connected to the Prayer Leader.

Church Community Care Ministry

If you like to join a group of people who like maintaining the Sanctuary and like to decorate, or if you like helping others, then the Church Community Care Ministry is for you. The Church Community Care Ministry is a group of decorators and handy people who gather together to help take care of the facility. If you are interested in helping to take care of the church facility or decorate it, please contact us at careministries@antelopechristian.org.